Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Own Limits

Few years back, a famous shoe brand had the slogan: Impossible is nothing.

That kept me thinking. There are some things proven a thousand times to be really impossible because of restrictions or human limitations, but in time, men with such brilliant minds have invented means of making such things possible.

In general, I believe that we set our limits. The moment we stopped at a track because we tell ourselves, we can only reach this point, we set that limit to ourselves. The moment we move past that track and stop at another, we move a notch higher but created ourselves a new limit. Basically the moment we stop at something, we define our limits.

We defy our limits yet we also define it.

I guess it will always be that way. It will be a constant struggle of extending ourselves far beyond the limits we set to ourselves. When we have learned tricks or gained experiences from life, work, & friends, we apply all those in our lives to make new kinds of learnings and move on to another challenging race.

For as long as we don’t overcome our own fears, level up from our own standing, don’t get pass another pit stop, what lies ahead will always remain impossible for us. So we must constantly defy our limits. Only then will we realize that we can do more than what we could have ever imagined.

Love, like no other.

When Jesus died for us, it was love like no other. Even before that, when God decided to give us His son, it was truly love, like no other.

I guess God showed this to us a long time ago so that when we live our lives, we’ll love the same way.

Nowadays, people love just like any other; the kind of love that happens in a click and vanishes in a click, that love you’d realize, was no way special, was no way hard-earned. It’s sad when I hear friends or even celebrity couples splitting up in a snap. All the more when I learn that they’re exchanging partners within their circle of friends; when they treat relationship, as a mix and match of clothes in their closet.

I don’t live a perfect life. I don’t live a sin-free life but I know for a fact then we love, we must love like no other.

Come Valentine’s Day, people would get excited about buying gifts for their loved ones; but sometimes these things just happen when it’s Valentine’s. For me, we shouldn’t wait for occasions or holidays so we could spend time with loved ones because, love? It’s an everyday kind of thing. J

For me, love is not a feeling; it’s that deliberate action of choosing to love. It’s when you choose to love that person despite of flaws and disagreements or when you meet someone more gorgeous and stunning yet you still look at your partner and tell yourself, “I still have the best.”

I pray each person, every day, will love like no other - not just their partner, but their family and friends and everyone they meet in this lifetime.

We can't have everything.

like this red LaFerrari <3
I guess it is intended that man can’t have everything.

When we are always able to get the things we want, then there’s no point working hard, sweating blood and more blood to achieve something; the thought simply of making an effort to get what we want. Most often than not we learn the value of things or a person when we work so hard or extend ourselves far enough just to reach that dream or person.

The more we give some effort, the more we value what we attained.

Years back, I’d always save my allowance in school so I could by myself new clothes for Christmas. Come Christmas, I’d be so proud to tell my friends, I bought the clothes with my own money (well, really, the allowance still came from my parents :p). When I started working, I carried on that same value: to work hard so I could buy the things I want, even the necessities.Since then, I never asked money from my parents. And I valued everything I bought with my salary.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves wondering why we can’t have everything; that the world could have been a better place to live in had we have everything. Well I guess, that’s why there’s heaven and earth.

We can’t have everything now, so we would all work hard preparing for that time when we have everything, in heaven.

That One Ball

A famous story told of one of Coca-Cola’s CEO, Bryan Dyson: the five balls.

There are five balls we juggle in our lives - work, family, health, friends and spirit. Work is a rubber ball. While the other four balls are made of glass.

That one ball I love the most, is family. At my first job, managers would always highlight the value of family - I think sometimes though it’s just their way of cutting OT expenses. :p They’d always tell us to manage our time and work within office hours because after that, it should be time for ourselves & friends & family. As I moved on to different companies, I’d always take that with me. So I see to it, I work efficiently so I’d juggle all the other balls.

I’ve been in Manila for almost 5 years now and since last year, my eagerness to go back home heightened every minute of every day. I am the only one here in Manila. Yes, I have relatives but my immediate family members are not here. So few years back, I left my dream job in the hopes of finding a job home. But I got another good opportunity. I took it again and extended few more. I had the chance of going back home with my present job but this year, my boss a bit altered what was told of me last year. They’re not letting me go home yet. Well, not even yet. They’re totally taking that chance, that very thing I’ve been clinging to last year.

Yes, I’d have better growth and training here, but no one, not my present company will ever give me the feeling I have with my family. I worked here so I will have no regrets of thinking what ifs. I’ve been so fortunate and gracious with my work and I’m happy with how far I’ve reached but if people’ll ask me again, I’d still choose that one ball.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Presidential Elections 2016 (part 1)

It took one reason for me to actually get this thought journal rolling, Presidential Elections 2016. It has been a weird imagination of mine ever since to write an anonymous letter to the government, well to the President to express the ideas of improvement I have for the country. Yeah, I had that absurd idea in mind and carried that along until now.

I am a registered voter since 2010 but was never able to enjoy my right for some valid reasons. Results of the Mid-term Elections of 2013 disappointed me. There were a few senatorial candidates who to my surprise, made it to the top.

I expressed such disappointment of the election results to my officemate whom I shared thereafter of the crazy idea I had in mind of giving the government a letter of my recommendations. Anyway, she suggested I create a blog about it for the upcoming Presidential Elections. What she said was quite weird but it got through me.

So on the ride home while we were still chatting about a lot of things, I was actually thinking already of the blog. Yeah, I took her suggestion seriously. L0l! And I thought I can write not just about Presidential Elections, I could write about anything. So that's how this thing came about. :)

2 things I'll be writing about in the next entries:
1 Qualifications of Political Candidates
2 Sincerity of Candidates to Political Service

Us And The Youth Of Today

Oftentimes, we find ourselves complaining about the youth of today: for misconduct, for illicit acts, sexual inclinations, etc.

We blame them. We blame their parents. We blame right about everyone else. But did we ever think we also are to be blamed?

Yes, we might not know these kids personally but somehow as we go along with life, we might have bumped into them in the streets. They saw our misbehavior, heard our profanity, or witnessed immorality, our own misconduct.

Instead of putting solely on others the burden, the responsibility of guiding today's youth, we must also partake in shaping the generation of today. We must watch our own actions; our own words. So that when the young ones see us, they'd see an inspiration to better themselves.

The conduct of today's generation is just a by-product of what was seen, what was heard, and what was taught to them. It is our duty to guide them and make the effort to sustain that guidance until such time they are able to stand on their feet and guide the next generation after them.

Let's be models. Be good examples. So when we see betterment in today's generation, we can say, we took part in making that happen.