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Go Green. Saving Mother Earth. Taking Care of the Environment.

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Sat, 06 Jul 2013 09:30:00 GMT | By PlasaMSN, Santirta Martendano and Alyssa Woo
Polar Bears on Thin Ice
I have not been that environment-conscious prior to reading the news above, but reading the article and seeing news pictures moved me to really be environment-friendly moving forward.

I am aware of the impact of climate change but such awareness had not really drilled in to my consciousness until I saw the news pictures. I want to see a polar bear someday! And since I won’t be seeing one in the near future, I am not letting all you people to prevent me from fulfilling my dream!!!! L0l! I know my basis is absurd but look at the bright side, this moved me to be a Go Green person. ;) (But mind you, I’m not the littering type but not also the Go Green righteous person. ;p)

So let’s start with plastics. I am happy most of the cities are already implementing the use of brown bag. I know it’s quite a hassle especially to most supermarket shoppers but really this is a way to help save Planet Earth. So why not bring foldable eco bags the next time you leave the house. It will save you money too since you won’t have to buy a new eco bag at the mall every time you unexpectedly buy something. So be proactive, bring an eco bag. ;) That way you won’t have to worry about buying something any time coz you always have an eco bag in handy. J

Littering. Let us totally avoid littering most especially small pieces of candy wrappers, bus tickets, torn portion of chip wraps, etc. and of course littering in bulk or big sizes/quantities. There’s a reason why there are trash bins around or you have a pocket or a purse in hand. You can throw trash in garbage cans or keep the trash for the time being until you find a trash bin in sight. Actually I was quite philosophical (pilosopo? :p) when I thought that when the place is so clean then there would be less street cleaners and garbage collectors since we will be needing less of them. But then I thought, the brighter idea would be they will be employed for more meaningful and hazard-free jobs. Like they can be gardeners/landscapers, sari-sari store attendants, etc.
Water conservation. I know one of our ideas of good restaurant service is constantly refilled water glasses. If you are certain you won’t be drinking a drop anymore, please advise the waiters/waitresses not to refill your glasses. You will do 2 things. One, save the waiters the hassle of keeping an eye on your table. Two, well, the heroic one, save water. ;)

Use of recycled paper. Actually, I do not know how used papers are recycled to make tissue papers, or other papers so what I’ll share now is the simple recycling of paper, more like just within the capabilities of human efforts. J

When in the office, you print a lot of reports, right? – or just anything that you need to print. It is not always that what you’ve printed are final copies since there will always be revisions and the like, so for the next set of copies, you can print back to back with the first copy. Or you can do handout style printing. But always print in clean papers for bosses, okay. J

Another in relation to printing – I know this might quite be too much for you but believe me I actually do this. L0l! I know a lot of us are fond of post-its, small notepads and the like so what I do is for back to back printed papers (there are always portions of blank spaces; still adequate for writing), I cut those blank portions and pile them as my scratch papers/notepads. J

Stainless utensils. The lunch provider at the office, to comply with the Go Green program, gave each one of us (avid customers) a set of stainless spoon and fork and a pair of chopsticks (the set you can buy at the mall/Divisoria, etc) in lieu of the disposable utensils they used to give us every time they deliver our lunch orders. I believe it will save them the cost in the long run also while at the same time helping save Mother Earth. ;)

I know there are issues as to using stainless utensils in public places like food court, but I guess the best way for you to ensure proper sanitation is by bringing your own set of utensils - so now you should bring two things in handy, 1) eco bag 2) utensils. ;) If you left your personal utensils and have no choice but to use those publicly used (since most food courts don’t allow disposables anymore), just use the fork since it is assumed to be less contaminated (I don’t know if that’s the appropriate term. ;p) since it is less swallowed than spoons.

Earth Hours. I would have to say I am in no position to recommend this since I’ve never participated in one but I believe this is one good program. Keeping the lights/electricity off for an hour all over the country/world will actually help, what does it do exactly?? :p Anyway, it’s a good practice to help save Mother Earth. ;)

So far, these are all that I could think for now. ;)

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