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Go Green. Saving Mother Earth. Taking Care of the Environment.

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Sat, 06 Jul 2013 09:30:00 GMT | By PlasaMSN, Santirta Martendano and Alyssa Woo
Polar Bears on Thin Ice
I have not been that environment-conscious prior to reading the news above, but reading the article and seeing news pictures moved me to really be environment-friendly moving forward.

I am aware of the impact of climate change but such awareness had not really drilled in to my consciousness until I saw the news pictures. I want to see a polar bear someday! And since I won’t be seeing one in the near future, I am not letting all you people to prevent me from fulfilling my dream!!!! L0l! I know my basis is absurd but look at the bright side, this moved me to be a Go Green person. ;) (But mind you, I’m not the littering type but not also the Go Green righteous person. ;p)

So let’s start with plastics. I am happy most of the cities are already implementing the use of brown bag. I know it’s quite a hassle especially to most supermarket shoppers but really this is a way to help save Planet Earth. So why not bring foldable eco bags the next time you leave the house. It will save you money too since you won’t have to buy a new eco bag at the mall every time you unexpectedly buy something. So be proactive, bring an eco bag. ;) That way you won’t have to worry about buying something any time coz you always have an eco bag in handy. J

Littering. Let us totally avoid littering most especially small pieces of candy wrappers, bus tickets, torn portion of chip wraps, etc. and of course littering in bulk or big sizes/quantities. There’s a reason why there are trash bins around or you have a pocket or a purse in hand. You can throw trash in garbage cans or keep the trash for the time being until you find a trash bin in sight. Actually I was quite philosophical (pilosopo? :p) when I thought that when the place is so clean then there would be less street cleaners and garbage collectors since we will be needing less of them. But then I thought, the brighter idea would be they will be employed for more meaningful and hazard-free jobs. Like they can be gardeners/landscapers, sari-sari store attendants, etc.
Water conservation. I know one of our ideas of good restaurant service is constantly refilled water glasses. If you are certain you won’t be drinking a drop anymore, please advise the waiters/waitresses not to refill your glasses. You will do 2 things. One, save the waiters the hassle of keeping an eye on your table. Two, well, the heroic one, save water. ;)

Use of recycled paper. Actually, I do not know how used papers are recycled to make tissue papers, or other papers so what I’ll share now is the simple recycling of paper, more like just within the capabilities of human efforts. J

When in the office, you print a lot of reports, right? – or just anything that you need to print. It is not always that what you’ve printed are final copies since there will always be revisions and the like, so for the next set of copies, you can print back to back with the first copy. Or you can do handout style printing. But always print in clean papers for bosses, okay. J

Another in relation to printing – I know this might quite be too much for you but believe me I actually do this. L0l! I know a lot of us are fond of post-its, small notepads and the like so what I do is for back to back printed papers (there are always portions of blank spaces; still adequate for writing), I cut those blank portions and pile them as my scratch papers/notepads. J

Stainless utensils. The lunch provider at the office, to comply with the Go Green program, gave each one of us (avid customers) a set of stainless spoon and fork and a pair of chopsticks (the set you can buy at the mall/Divisoria, etc) in lieu of the disposable utensils they used to give us every time they deliver our lunch orders. I believe it will save them the cost in the long run also while at the same time helping save Mother Earth. ;)

I know there are issues as to using stainless utensils in public places like food court, but I guess the best way for you to ensure proper sanitation is by bringing your own set of utensils - so now you should bring two things in handy, 1) eco bag 2) utensils. ;) If you left your personal utensils and have no choice but to use those publicly used (since most food courts don’t allow disposables anymore), just use the fork since it is assumed to be less contaminated (I don’t know if that’s the appropriate term. ;p) since it is less swallowed than spoons.

Earth Hours. I would have to say I am in no position to recommend this since I’ve never participated in one but I believe this is one good program. Keeping the lights/electricity off for an hour all over the country/world will actually help, what does it do exactly?? :p Anyway, it’s a good practice to help save Mother Earth. ;)

So far, these are all that I could think for now. ;)

My opinion on...

People venting out their feelings (real-life issues) in twitter, FB, instagram, etc.

It is called a social network site for some reason. You socialize. You interact. So whatever you post – if you do not set it in some sort of privacy settings – is for the viewing of everyone. For some people, it is apt to their personality that they live their lives assuming they are public figures but I guess one should always put limits on what one posts in the internet.

In my opinion, personal relationship issues should never be broadcasted in the cyber world. I’ve always believed that netizens (more so friends you just met online or real-life acquaintances but only get to talk to thru FB or the like but never when you’re face to face) are really not real-life friends. They are just there to aggravate matters, persuade you with no-ground advices, and pretend they care about your life when they really don’t – they actually don’t think about your issue once they’re no longer online, real friends do ;). For me, others who prefer to broadcast such issues are the ones who feel a little inferior about a particular aspect in life and just want some sort of sympathy in the cyber world – because they can’t get any from their real-life friends (or was that just too harsh?ö well I could be wrong J). But I believe the healthier approach is not dragging it on to the internet. Deal with it in reality, consult real-life friends and make sound decisions and actions. J

I would like to disclaim a little about my comment on netizens as not real-life friends. You can actually find good friends online and carry them on as friends in your real life but mind you, they are hard to find but not hopeless, though.

Use of E-Cig

The invention of electronic cigarettes has helped and has continued to help the lives of most chain smokers. Contrary to the opinions of others regarding the effects and perception of the whole e-cig craze are the honest and gratifying comments of chain smokers who so long wanted to lay low and quit habitual smoking.

I, for a fact, do not want the diversion to e-cig smoking from traditional smoking, if it’s just mere diversion. But using e-cig as a tool to lessen cigarette consumption and hopefully eventually quit the smoking process, I am a pro to that. I support it in the light of the difficulty to quit smoking. I am no smoker in reality – I have tried a few puffs because of curiosity but I did not get myself hooked to that – but I believe in the testimonials of smokers around. I see the efforts of friends trying to quit smoking but I am also aware of the casual moments they give in to temptation – I’d like to think of it as an ice cream, any dessert at that, struggling to be ignored by people going on a diet.

So since no health institution nor expert professionals have yet proven the side effects of the item, I would like ‘real’ smokers to continue reaping the benefits of e-cig. If this is truly a way for them to actually stop smoking – which most users are actually claiming and I quite believe them – then let us not discredit the e-cig discovery.

I guess the best thing for the government or health institutions to do is support this development, progress the study and eventually innovate the item so as to keep away of any future side effects to 1st even 2nd hand smokers. I believe the e-cig is a great invention and so far it is the closest quitting tool smokers can actually really hold on to. So instead of destroying the e-cig perception, or simply finding ways to put this invention into a stop, let us help the e-cig inventors totally help other people.

Also, what the government and health experts should do is find a way how to stop kiddos, who don’t smoke, but would love to keep up with the ‘trend’ (I know! It’s a trend now. haha!). I guess that’s another thing they should to deal with and as of now, I have no better suggestion, so I recommend they think for themselves. ;)

Lastly, I guess e-cig is always better than traditional smoking, which is by so far indeed very detrimental to one’s health. Again, I do not approve of mere diversion to e-cig but only using it as to alleviate if not yet instantly do away with the smoking addiction.

Tobacco companies “inspiring” (more like brainwashing) teens who are struggling with their identity to stand up for what they believe in, with the underlying message: “If you want to smoke, just go for it.”

Cigarette makers ‘cheat’ on ‘sin’ tax payments
Monday, 15 July 2013 20:33 Written by Claudeth C. Mocon

I believe in business is business but I cannot keep away from thinking of the uselessness of tobacco companies. I understand smoking is a means to relieve stress but I see liquor as a better means – although I am not trying to promote drinking here; just for comparison. And now that the government has already made it an expensive habit for smokers, these tobacco companies exert so much efforts in keeping the business - Well, I cannot totally blame them for that. It is after all a business that stood long in the industry and has helped (really?? it has helped people?? :p) people by means of employment, etc. – but in doing so, I do not know if they are well aware (or has the thought of money for the business already engulfed their humanity?? – of the negative impact/damage they are doing to the people especially the youth (as evidence of the inspiring the youth campaign in the news).

I cannot think of a better solution for these companies to keep their business but I hope they are able to find alternatives that will not require them to destroy lives. The government has made an effort to make it hard for smokers to stay with the addiction (except they are “promoting sexual things” in exchange by means of the RH Bill – sorry, but really, that’s the way to see it!!) and these companies cannot accept that. I hope there is a solution to this. Not instantaneously, but at least, eventually.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pinoy Ako

Dahil nanonood ako ng pelikulang Pinoy. (Gosh, ang hirap ng matinong seryosong Tagalog ha. :p I can speak plain Filipino though. It’s just that, hindi ako makata, yung hindi level ng El Filibusterismo at Noli Me Tangere. :p) I know a lot of people claiming to be Pinoys but appear to be allergic with Filipino movies and so I hate them for that. Some of the Pinoy movies I like: Amnesia Girl, No Other Woman, Tanging Yaman, and Mano Po (all its MMFF series).

Because I am fond of watching teleseryes kahit gaano ka Pinoy ang takbo ng kwento. From Mula sa Puso (yeah, inabot ko yun l0l!) to fantaseryes: Mulawin, Encantadia, Etheria, Majika, etc. to May Bukas Pa to Tayong Dalawa to Be Careful With My Heart, etc. Although I must admit I’ve never really watched Pinoy teleseryes as often as when I was still studying but given all the time, yes I would definitely watch. ;)

Dahil may mga Pinoy celebrity idols ako. I don’t just have Hollywood celebrity crushes. I also have Pinoy celebrity crushes/idols.

I can start from female Pinay celebrities (well, some of them, mixed blood J): G Toengi (my idea of ultimate simple Pinay look), Chin2 Gutierrez (pretty aged beauty with very good skin complexion), Amanda Griffin (speechless), Lea Salonga (very talented Pinay), Antoinette Taus (I know she’s totally been out of the screen for a long time now but I really admired her beauty then), Bianca Araneta (speechless the second, I must say they (Amanda G.) are my epitome of beauty l0l!), etc.
For male celebrities: (haha! Wait, I’m trying to cite a celebrity crush I’ve been crushing on since I was a kid and I realized now when he randomly appears on television that he looks exactly the same years back) Carlo Aquino (yeah, Carlo Aquino), together with Patrick Garcia, although they aren’t my celebrity crushes anymore today. Actually I have kid crushes too, like Bugoy! Yeah, that kiddo dancer! J Uhmmm. Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m of the Daniel Padilla fans and his song ‘Nasayo na ang lahat” really got into me. L0l! Oh, Doug Krameeeeer! :D I relived the fan moments when my friend introduced me his Instagram account (#dougkramer44). He’s so freakin’ handsome! And he’s got three kids and a lovely wife! Nice family actually. J I must say, although the next one’s not really my crush but staring at his IG account (#dongdantes) makes me realize he is very good looking and has good body built at that J – DingDong Dantes.

Because I loved playing patintero when I was a kid. What do kids play now? iPad? Angry Birds? I don’t think kids nowadays ever experienced what it’s really like to be kids. Sweat and bruises all over. :p

Coz I get proud seeing the Philippine flag. I dunno why. ;)

Coz I loooooove Pinoy food! I know some of the dishes I will mention do not really originate from the Philippines but they are sikat here as Pinoy food: Adobo, Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Baluuuuut! (Oh I truly love that sisiw and the sabaw that comes with it, definitely yummy! J) I love Dinakdakan too (actually learned this dish in #Gerry’s Grill).

Because I seriously admire OPM and my ultimate OPM artists are Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar, and Eraserheads. I love MYMP too before and some songs of Kamikazee, Itchyworms and other OPM bands. Oh! I forgot! I love True Faith and Freestyle too. J

Because I recognize and appreciate greatness of Filipino talents around the world, in whatever field they are in. I recognize that apart from that person’s mere talent, is his Filipino nationality that makes him excel in his field; that there is just something so unique about being a Filipino that we can always stand out in a crowd even in the midst of well-known people and a foreign crowd. J Mabuhay Pinoy! J

Dahil yun ang dugong dumadaloy sa akin. ;)

Pinoy ako and I’m proud to be one. J

written July 10, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why do/would... ~ I don't understand why...

Bus passengers insert bus tickets in between seats or anywhere in the bus where they could possibly tuck their tickets. Can they just keep it to themselves? Keep it inside their pockets? Purse? Bags? Big big bags?? I don’t exactly get why they want to litter inside! *angry

People spit anywhere. Literally, anywhere. Sorry, but I’ll go a little racist (gender race??) with this one. It is common to guys. But okay, to be fair, let us generalize, for all people. ;) I don’t understand why people would just actually spit anywhere. I was aghast when I even saw one spitting inside the maaaall!!!! Goodness! (Should I have said, Badness? :p anyway). Spitting for one is indecent, two, unhygienic. So please if you are one of those who habitually spit, please stooop!ö

People buy expensive slippers. I know they can afford it and you might be asking what business I have with that. But I still get confused why people spend the luxury with slippers. I would understand sandals but plain slip-on traditional slippers, no. I know others who buy the expensive ones, buy it for feet convenience like slippers are soft and they prevent your feet from whatever pains, etc. but for some who just want to buy it for the name and the fame (trend), especially if they buy more than two pairs, I really couldn’t and wouldn’t comprehend it.

    I love foot wears. I really do, but when talking about being practical, I wouldn’t spend much on slippers. I would buy a pair or two especially if it’s comfy but an insurmountable number of them, no. And not to mention, (well I guess I will have to mention l0l!), instead of the money you spend for such things, you can donate them to charity. Yeah, you read it right. Charity. There is more to what your money can do. It can help people’s lives. It can support families. P1,000 or so of a pair of slippers can feed a simple family in a day. I know you think that’s quite small but believe me, it can be so much for a simple family. So I hope you do get my point, more than not understanding why you buy expensive slippers, I want you to be considerate of such luxurious spending which can actually already help other people.

    I know you might think that it’s not your duty to help other people anyway – especially if you are that type who believes others didn’t really work that hard that’s why they aren’t earning that much, believe me, they are trying to work hard as they could but this is how just the society is, no matter how we deny the hierarchy if things, it really does exist – but believe it or not, as social beings, it is incumbent upon us to look after one another. And we could actually start with small things like doing away with unnecessary luxury just so we could share with others. It is okay to reward ourselves once in a while but if it becomes unnecessary fetish already then we might want to reconsider.

    For the richy rich ones, like who can really so afford these luxuries, you might use as defense that you also do charity or even have a foundation for that, but I still wanna say that you can help more people more than you are already helping now and it just means that you have so much enough to share.

    For me, the very reason why others have less, is because others have so much.
    (For richy, rich ones, I just do not mean expensive slippers, this covers all unnecessary luxury – many LVs, Pradas, Guccis, Dolce and Gabbanas, Hermeses, Rolexes, Omegas, Patek Philippes, Vacheron Constantins, IWCs, etc.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sad realities.

People often close their eyes when riding the MRT/bus for this particular reason: to play down guilt of not offering the seat to Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women. *sad... But sometimes some of these people have valid reasons like their leg hurts, they’re not feeling well, whatever valid excuse is available. But mind you, I’m no perfect citizen either. I try to close my eyes too but I make sure I have one good alibi. J

People who give the most (I mean the ‘many’iest’) good advice are the ones sometimes finding a hard time dealing with their own personal situations.

When asking for advice, we really don’t intend to follow them; we just want some inputs and end up doing our own actions still. We just want a sort of affirmation but when what we got is otherwise, we just take it as a guide and prepare ourselves for consequences because we know what we’re decided in doing already anyway.

There are a good number of social climbers but what’s bothering is when these social climbers personally deny members of their family because of their financial and societal status. (?!!) Seriously! That’s way too much! Ö

When we were still studying, we wanted so much for school requirements and the like to end. But when we start working, we kind of hoped school days never ended. (Not to mention SCHOOL = allowance, summer breaks, sembreaks, crushes, etc.)

There are a number of working people who do not earn as much as they are supposed to, to support their everyday personal and family expenses. Sad thing is a number of these people also are those addicted to gadgets, shopping, not to mention addicted to loans and credit cards. Rewarding yourself of material things is a good thing to relieve stress but making this a habit as if you totally afford them is so not a good thing.

Lottery is one good financial aid. It gives people hope. It even helps people via earnings received from purchased tickets but be it as gambling for not so fortunate people is again not a good thing. It is okay to hope for the best, to bet on numbers you think you’d get lucky with, but betting on them every day or every week is still not good practice. I guess monthly is a bit sound. I bet on Lotto too but I only do so when jackpot is quite big. ;)

Policemen are reputable people. Well that’s what they are supposed to be. I still believe a good number of cops still stand to their profession but I believe quite a number also abuse their power be it because of personal reasons, peer pressure or giving in to how a majority of the society think about them.

Some people do not really give that much respect to teachers. When this profession is compared with the other elite ones (Doctorate, Law, etc. - trust me they belong to the top in the realm of things), teaching profession does not seem to be as notable but we don’t realize that before the elite ones became who they are, teachers taught them the basics, the foundation of their academic selves. So the next time you meet a teacher, especially if you’re a doctor or lawyer already by then, give some respect. You wouldn’t be where you are without them. And I am referring to all levels of teachers, be it a district superintendent or a normal subject teacher in college, high school, grade school, or pre-school, etc.

Sometimes we blab so much about other people, about how they’re so not good with this and that, how they lack this and that, how they did not perfect this and that, what we don’t realize is the person we are talking to thinks the same way about us. So the next time you start backbiting, be careful not to tackle anything that might be under your specialty. ;) The ball might bounce back, even higher. ;)

Like riding the MRT/LRT, riding the elevator has some related issues: spacious areas inside. I would have understood if people riding the elevators have never ridden public transportation so they don’t know really how it is to utilize spaces but I guess they should have the value of ‘malasakit’ to at least be considerate enough to give space to allow people to get in.