Friday, October 6, 2017

Be someone else's superhero

I’m currently caught up with all the deadlines at work and decided to find an alternative outlet to relieve all the stress coming in. Since I can’t instantly squeeze in meet-up with friends, I diverted to listening to good music and connecting with good vibed-people online. Then a fellow writer at The Feast Makati & Taguig messaged in our group chat about random acts of kindness and how that kind person became someone else’s superhero.

Then it dawned on me, have I ever become someone else’s superhero?

With all the hustle and bustle in our everyday lives, we tend to forego simple acts of kindness. We get glued to work deadlines, reports and basically everything in life that is really non-essential. While others are quite in a dilemma on what to do with their lives, on what they want to be, or where they want to go. Why not be someone else’s superhero?


There is such thing as Anxiety and Depression

Why is there Anxiety and Depression? Basically, I’m not really writing to answer that question because believe it or not, I’ve got no clue. I am writing to raise awareness, that indeed Anxiety and Depression really do exist in some people and at a highly different level with some people who just feels simply sad.

I’ve come across people who were utterly depressed. Some, I don’t even know until it’s over. Nowadays, people say they’re depressed out of the blue but we think it’s just over-reacting of some sort but who are we to really judge if we haven’t experienced it in the same way they did? Point being, anxiety and depression do exist.

Depression becomes that feeling that seems too uncontrollable, more like invincible – to the point when you don’t even know how it started. You just know that you’re in this deep black hole all of a sudden. So when we ask people who are truly depressed, they can’t quite give us a direct answer and at the back of their heads, they totally hate us for asking something they don’t even know what the answer is. And sometimes, they just start crying and feel miserable even more.

Well, there’s no really guaranteed right steps of helping people who are feeling depressed because really some feel they don’t want to be helped and some who do, don’t know how to start talking things out. But there are some important points that I’d like to share in case you’d really like to talk to people who are depressed:
  1.  Don’t mention these lines – “It’s all in the head. Pull yourself together. Why are you feeling that? You’re so blessed. I don’t see anything wrong with you.” – While these lines are definitely true, those depressed don’t wanna hear those lines apart from the fact that a million people already told them that. Like seriously, pull yourself together? Do you think the person hadn’t tried that out? Like he/she simply succumbed to the feeling and didn’t do anything about it? Well, for some, maybe yes, but for others, I doubt it. It’s all in the head. It’s all in the heaaaad?? Then the person must really be crazy creating stupid things in his/her head. Don’t make the person feel miserable even more. A depressed person can’t really fathom things at the moment but telling the person it’s all in the head, wouldn’t really help. I don’t see anything wrong with you. Precisely! One of the reasons the person is depressed is people don’t effin’ notice it. Like how come the people they spend with everyday feels like they’re just fine but truly they are not. That’s when people depressed ask themselves, are there really people who truly know them? 
  2. Just be with them – By being with them, I don’t mean you judge them and nag them on the littlest of things. Surely, you have your own shit going but I bet it’s nothing to people who thinks they are nearing crazy. If you think you still have full sanity despite all your troubles then be generous enough to spend some more time understanding or just empathizing with people you think are depressed. There is no better feeling than having people around to just be there and not put too much pressure in resolving depression. Because truly, it ain’t an easy task.
  3. Show how much you love them more than ever – People depressed tend to be suicidal so it’s truly sweet and thoughtful for people to show them that they love them more than usual, that they love them before but they aren’t just that expressive but they’re expressing it now as a gesture of saying, Hang On. It helps a lot knowing there are other people who won't give up on you in a time when giving up is the only thing you'd ever think about.
I got depressed twice and the first time was a 9-month stretch. After that, I felt like I was reborn and boy was I so energetic. Until I hit rock bottom the second time, Gehd, I just wanna end it. So really, depression isn't some kind of joke. There is such thing as Anxiety and Depression. Know it. Learn in. Help others overcome it.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Jackdaws for 2017!

New year, new resolutions, new dreams, new memories...and oh, new Jackdaws!

While the whole world was busy preparing for the recent holidays, Jackdaw Philippines was also busy brewing new Jackdaw timepieces.

In September 2015, Jackdaw –real-class Pinoy brand– opened itself to the public with the launch of its pilot wooden watches: The Kenway and The Hyperion. Adding up to the collection last June 2016 was The Victoria. (I know, even the names speak so much class.)

THE KENWAY is made of Hawaiian Koa wood, thus possesses the unique color and grain of a Hawaiian Koa. In ancient Hawaii, Koa was said to be harvested exclusively for the royal class or Ali’i.

THE HYPERION, made from the finest cut of Ebony wood, exhibits the fa├žade of Black Gold-redefined.

THE VICTORIA is from African Zebrawood, thus the cream and black striped timber as in the trunk of an African Zebrawood. Long ago, this wood was also used in Cadillac and Mercedes Benz automobiles.

Jackdaw timepieces veer away from the usual all silver or gold watches. And instead highlight the variant of luxury wood. Not to mention, Jackdaw incorporates both simplicity and class with their exquisite wooden timepieces.

What is more important to note is that in the year 2017, Jackdaw expanded its collection to four more beautiful timepieces. Yep! To brace the holiday season and welcome the New Year, the addition to the Jackdaw collection are finally out!

The newest addition: The Corsair, The Black Pearl, The Charleston and The Aquila – made The Jackdaw collection more definitely a classic lifestyle to love.

THE CORSAIR is made of Walnut wood bezel blending perfectly with its watch band made of snuffed genuine leather bracelet.

THE BLACK PEARL is Ebony hardwood-inspired and accentuated by its sunray gold dial.

THE CHARLESTON is carved from Walnut wood and puts emphasis on the rawness of the wooden dial. 
THE AQUILA has Maple wood bezel framing the charcoal-shaded dial and the Pristine Golden hour and minute hands.

Jackdaw signature wooden box

So if you’re donning for the classy and sophisticated look this year plus something unique and refreshingly new, then the Jackdaw collection is perfect for you!

Worry not when you’re wearing something formal or casual because the Jackdaw timepieces can always make it right for you. Plus need I say that the best gift we can give to people is time? Yes! Yes! And Yes! And the Jackdaw timepieces are here to best remind us just that.

So hurry! It’s time to get that Jackdaw!

For orders and inquiries, contact +63917-518-0424 through SMS/Viber, email at, or visit The Jackdaw Shop at The Palace Pool Club at Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila.

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Paolo Sarmiento, young entrepreneur and CEO of Jackdaw Philippines, carefully handpicks the finest wood to be used for the Jackdaw collection to create the classy and premium Jackdaw timepieces. The name “Jackdaw” was derived from a species of crow, the Western Jackdaw. And as what one of the classic line says: stand out from the rest - instead of buying luxury watches to be at par with friends, Paolo created his own – the JACKDAW.