Friday, July 12, 2013

Pinoy Ako

Dahil nanonood ako ng pelikulang Pinoy. (Gosh, ang hirap ng matinong seryosong Tagalog ha. :p I can speak plain Filipino though. It’s just that, hindi ako makata, yung hindi level ng El Filibusterismo at Noli Me Tangere. :p) I know a lot of people claiming to be Pinoys but appear to be allergic with Filipino movies and so I hate them for that. Some of the Pinoy movies I like: Amnesia Girl, No Other Woman, Tanging Yaman, and Mano Po (all its MMFF series).

Because I am fond of watching teleseryes kahit gaano ka Pinoy ang takbo ng kwento. From Mula sa Puso (yeah, inabot ko yun l0l!) to fantaseryes: Mulawin, Encantadia, Etheria, Majika, etc. to May Bukas Pa to Tayong Dalawa to Be Careful With My Heart, etc. Although I must admit I’ve never really watched Pinoy teleseryes as often as when I was still studying but given all the time, yes I would definitely watch. ;)

Dahil may mga Pinoy celebrity idols ako. I don’t just have Hollywood celebrity crushes. I also have Pinoy celebrity crushes/idols.

I can start from female Pinay celebrities (well, some of them, mixed blood J): G Toengi (my idea of ultimate simple Pinay look), Chin2 Gutierrez (pretty aged beauty with very good skin complexion), Amanda Griffin (speechless), Lea Salonga (very talented Pinay), Antoinette Taus (I know she’s totally been out of the screen for a long time now but I really admired her beauty then), Bianca Araneta (speechless the second, I must say they (Amanda G.) are my epitome of beauty l0l!), etc.
For male celebrities: (haha! Wait, I’m trying to cite a celebrity crush I’ve been crushing on since I was a kid and I realized now when he randomly appears on television that he looks exactly the same years back) Carlo Aquino (yeah, Carlo Aquino), together with Patrick Garcia, although they aren’t my celebrity crushes anymore today. Actually I have kid crushes too, like Bugoy! Yeah, that kiddo dancer! J Uhmmm. Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m of the Daniel Padilla fans and his song ‘Nasayo na ang lahat” really got into me. L0l! Oh, Doug Krameeeeer! :D I relived the fan moments when my friend introduced me his Instagram account (#dougkramer44). He’s so freakin’ handsome! And he’s got three kids and a lovely wife! Nice family actually. J I must say, although the next one’s not really my crush but staring at his IG account (#dongdantes) makes me realize he is very good looking and has good body built at that J – DingDong Dantes.

Because I loved playing patintero when I was a kid. What do kids play now? iPad? Angry Birds? I don’t think kids nowadays ever experienced what it’s really like to be kids. Sweat and bruises all over. :p

Coz I get proud seeing the Philippine flag. I dunno why. ;)

Coz I loooooove Pinoy food! I know some of the dishes I will mention do not really originate from the Philippines but they are sikat here as Pinoy food: Adobo, Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Baluuuuut! (Oh I truly love that sisiw and the sabaw that comes with it, definitely yummy! J) I love Dinakdakan too (actually learned this dish in #Gerry’s Grill).

Because I seriously admire OPM and my ultimate OPM artists are Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar, and Eraserheads. I love MYMP too before and some songs of Kamikazee, Itchyworms and other OPM bands. Oh! I forgot! I love True Faith and Freestyle too. J

Because I recognize and appreciate greatness of Filipino talents around the world, in whatever field they are in. I recognize that apart from that person’s mere talent, is his Filipino nationality that makes him excel in his field; that there is just something so unique about being a Filipino that we can always stand out in a crowd even in the midst of well-known people and a foreign crowd. J Mabuhay Pinoy! J

Dahil yun ang dugong dumadaloy sa akin. ;)

Pinoy ako and I’m proud to be one. J

written July 10, 2013


  1. Hahaa! I did watch all the Mano Po series during christmas and no other woman too. I think being a pinoy is about loving your country and countrymen. ( miss universe answer ) lol. Isang tao ay hindi pwedi in pure tagalog makakasalita kasi hindi lahat ng words may salita in tagalog. Haha. I'm loving your topics. Napapaisip din ako! :)

  2. hahahah! thanks thanks. actually, so may lusot tayo kung di man pure tagalog lahat haha! di ko pa rin na'sheshare yung blog na ito to my friends. Pero patuloy pa rin upload ko. ;) I was thinking pala of Parmigiano Ristorante na lang muna, cheap lang and okay ayon sa review mo. ;) thanks for droppin' by! =)