Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To Love Again

There's no right schedule on when to love again. Nor is there a right formula on not committing the same mistakes. Because life as we know it, is full of surprises.
We may end up crying one moment, then loving again that same person the next time around. We may bitterly swear we forever won't love again, then comes a seemingly perfect person swooning us off our feet. We may post millions of anti-love Facebook status, then be the one to write love letters and love songs when that fateful day comes. Again, life is full of surprises.
Only we can answer our questions on the complex beauty of love. And no, we must not base our decisions on turnaround of relationships of people close to us: breakups, broken families, third parties and irreconcilable differences. Because each man is unique. Each man has a different story.
So it's up to us to take that leap in a bungee jump - or sit across coffee shops pretending not to care, to take that domestic or international flight to see that person - or stay at home, watch movies, eat fries and ice cream and repeat the same routine, to give that first call or SMS to try to reconnect and give the relationship one last try - or forever be in unserious relationships because of the fear of commitment or the feel of sweet revenge (even when that's a different person and we just generalized).
It's up to us to lower down our walls and welcome love with surprises, to reconsider the situation and eat down our pride, to set aside that scar or remember that scar as contributory to our present self, to not wait for the so-called 3-month-rule that we only learned from Popoy and Basha, to love again, get hurt, and yet still love again.
And when we love again, we must bear in mind that we will not be sailing calm waves, watching amazing sunsets, pretty butterflies and beautiful rainbows, nor will it be strawberry gelatos, red velvet macaroons, white chocolates, red roses and pink balloons. It will be another roller coaster ride, so we'll have to stand with our choice.
Because love, is a choice.
"Fall in Love. Stay in Love. And it will decide everything." - Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ #Love #StartingOverAgain

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